Telescopic Cranes: Maximum efficiency, safety, and flexibility

In the world of recovery services, efficiency, safety, and adaptability are of the utmost importance. At HMF, they recognize the specific demands of recovery service businesses, and that is why they have engineered their telescopic cranes to provide you with a fast, flexible, and sturdy solution that ensures great stability and safety in every operation. 

There are many benefits when it comes to ordering a telescopic crane at HMF. Here are just a few of them:

Experience Efficiency Like Never Before

Telescopic cranes are designed to deliver power and flexibility when you need it most! These cranes are built to handle day-to-day hauling operations with ease. Whether you are rescuing vehicles, transporting heavy goods, or dealing with other highly demanding tasks, HMF’s telescopic cranes offer the thing you need.

Adaptable to Any Vehicle

Versatility is always key, and HMF’s telescopic cranes are very much capable of adaptability. HMF can mount telescopic cranes on almost any heavy vehicle, making them an ideal choice for recovery and towing operations. HMF has the expertise to integrate a well thought out telescopic crane on most vehicles, providing you with the power and flexibility you need.  

Weather- and Wear-Resistant

We understand that recovery services often mean working in demanding conditions and unpredictable weather. That is why HMF telescopic cranes – and other cranes as well – are designed to withstand the harshest environment. The cranes are extremely wear- and tear-resistant, which ensures durability and longevity even in challenging circumstances.

Compact and Clever Design

HMF’s T-cranes feature a slim extension system with a reduced height, thanks to the innovative placement of extension cylinders. The first three extension cylinders are positioned flat on top of the extensions, while the T4 and T5 extension cylinders are cleverly placed inside the extensions. This design not only enhances crane performance but also ensures space efficiency. And we all know how important space can be on the truck.

Safety is Our Priority

At HMF, safety is non-negotiable. That’s why the telescopic cranes are equipped with the advanced RCL safety system. Our RCL safety system is constantly on, monitoring both the load and crane operation to provide you with extra safety and ease of operation. Please also note, that all HMF T-cranes can be equipped with their own load-dependent EVS system, which monitors and secures the stability of the vehicle.